Welcome to Heraz.nl


It’s time change the homepage and make it easier to get around on the site.
Therefore I make a list below to easy find your interest.
I give you the links category’s where all the post come together.

  • On My Blog you find all postings I did

All of them. All category’s, all posts. Here you will find at top always my last post.

You can always jump to a categorie to select one at Categories in the drop down menu.
There is And then It Hits, Do you Wanne Play, Let’s take a picture, PSV the name, Soccer the Game and Site update.

The oldest post of the category usually explains the category. Just have a look.


  • On Spy Category you find all the static page’s and story’s.

Here you find als all the pages from ” Top 40 jaarlijsten”  There are no pictures in it anymore. Still writing code to publish the picture bij the pages. I placed the pictures outside my server to reduce traffic. If your in need of one single cover let me know, I can place it here or on twitter. The pictures will be reduced to 600×600 but that will be fine for MP3.

For the old visitors:


Where is the post section gone? Nowhere. It is turned off. I’m working on privacy settings.
When that is finished it will return. But for now, you have to do it like it is. But it gonna be fun! 

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