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Sometimes you got that feeling, that thought.
And then… you loose it. Let’s write them down.

And then it hits... | June 13, 2018

Dexter & Jack

Dit is Dexter Dexter is een oude politie hond. Hij is nu 10 jaar oud. Hij werkte 8 jaar lang voor de douane op het vliegveld. Dexter is een speurhond […]

And then it hits... | May 25, 2018

Twitter is like Graffiti.

It’s like Graffiti. It started on a sunny day. But then a cloud appeared. Slowly it started to rain. For months I studied the Sailor Family From day to day you […]

And then it hits... | May 23, 2018

Side-Update and Storytelling

Working on another story Today I worked a little bit on the story of Scott. However, the story line of the Sailor Café starts in the middle of the story, […]

And then it hits... | May 5, 2018

Theme’s page’s en my old website

The last few months i did have some trouble’s with my web-site on The PHP version was old and the hackers where all over the place. So i decided […]