The Story of TrixieGee1

HerazWill you please stand up. Make room for the Queen. Let me introduce to you Queen Trix. No not this Queen Trix:

 The old queen of The Netherlands, no we are talking about the new Queen of The Sailor Cafe, Trix. She is the best America has to offer. She is catholic, goes to church, believes in God, Trump and everything that she reads on the internet. If you need a follower for your conspiracy theorie then Trix is your girl. She will flyer and do everything just to belong.

[ADD: 12 JUNE]

There is noting wrong to have your own opinion about everything. Even if all your opinions don’t match the fact’s. The best way to ignore the facts is just to turn them down. Don’t accept them. That makes your opinion a absolute fact… in you’re head. Call everything fake and stay living in fear. People who are scared follow easy.

Meet Trix before Twix and Tricks.

So now you know, who is Trix. No you don’t. Trix is a member of the Sailor Family from:

She is running the cafe. Every day in the morning she stands up, open the doors, and display the gang colors. It looks like a personal invitation from the queen herself.

When it is slow in the café she visits some cafés from friends, but mostly she visits cafés run by people she doesn’t like. A popular game to play for Trix and some friends is are you upset, are you crying game (🍆🍑). Because of that behavior Jack locks her up in her own cafe from time to time. To survive that she had to split-up in three personality’s. So now also meet Tricks and Twix, who’s not a bot!

Sometimes you have to follow angry people. Angry people tell everything you want to know.

There is another thing that you wil notice. There is something about trolls you just have to know. To trigger you they use special code. 😂😂😂😂 This is the code. I know it’s not true, but from now on you gonna notice this. It gonna get under your skin. As soon as those 😂😂😂😂 pop-up… you won.

From the start Scott knew Trix was attracting problems.  They discussed it in another thread. But Scott asked me to point out the problem.

What goes around, comes around

HerazJack told me he didn’t know Trix. It could be also Humpy. Well. I don’t care, it was Scott.
Let’s go to Laura. Laura has more friends in real life. She also has some friends on Twitter. Laura is not a member of the Sailor Family But she has friends that run into Queen Trix.  This is what normally happend. [I did not investigate this case yet] This is also what happend to me.

are you upset, are you crying

When Donald is tweeting, Trixie goes to the front. Ana Braga looks for her victims on the timeline of Donald Trump. Scanning the answers given by other people, looking for clue’s. Your a target when you think you look good, or, when you are seriously angry. The most shocking about the game is that she choose people wearing the same red colors.

Ana Braga will drop the words  Are you Crying or Are you upset?  Sure, you are upset, so what is that blond dumb chick, bordering me. Because whoops, God created Ana on a sunny day. He took his time to create a wonderful body. So Ana Braga looks tip-top. But he must have run out of time because he forgot to put a brain in, or forgot to turn it on.

And it shows. From there on she is gonna answer every tweet with Hahahaha. And now the show starts. Hit the drum. Look who’s there… Queen trix and her gang. (David, Cpo, Russian Bitch, Domdom dom di dom, etc.) Trix will hunt you down using all her accounts. Tell me where it hurts, point on the doll, how fat you are, how ugly… Trixie has a whole list.

When she attacked me I run over her account. It was so obvious, it took me only 3 minutes to notice she was wearing a aluminium hat. She is totally in conspiracy theories.

So I replied You gonna be surprised😂😂😂😂 (yeah, use the troll smiley code, it will effect her) So there she goes, total meltdown, totally panicked running back to the Sailor cafe to get some help. Nick came to the rescue:

HerazWhen you read the story you know the most of her friends went over to Toast.  She was not invited to the bakery. But when Scott showed up with Animal in the bakery he also mentioned Trix. She was so happy. She run over to let them know she still exist.  But Laura was not amused when Trixie entered the bakery, the hideout place of Toast, the one who left the Sailor café because of Queen Trix (see The sailor Café ). And it showed. Here we go again SHTF

Yeah, and there is somebody else, who is fat-up with the queen. She replys:

How this end I will explain in the storytelling section of The sailor Café


HerazSo now this is Queen Trix. She lost everything. She living now in a empty café. When she put here sign out each morning she knows it’s not gonna be busy for business. I checked on Saturday, 9th of June.

HerazThis is who she invited. As you can see, there some double agents in it. Total 16 customers.
That day in the first 6 hours 7 showed up. But they don’t enter the café. It’s all about being polite. Say good morning and get the hell out of there before the SHTF again. Sailor didn’t even show up himself. Some of them take breakfast and coffee, but by lunch the café is empty. The café closed after 8 Hours. The most customers moved to the bakery, the hang-out from  Toast. Trix is not invited over there. So Trix, she start to decorate the café to attract new customers. This time she goes totally conspiracy. It is very laughable:

Conspiracy is big business in the USA. She’s in the army now. Qarmy. I did spend one day to find out what the hell it was all about. It’s all bogus. When you have some time to spend, and you are really boring, go find out about Qarmy, QAnon and so on. Look out, you can also run into Pizzagate, Spygate and even in things about child abuse. Q is the 18th letter from the alphabet. So everything with Q or 18 has something to do with it. Hell of a job in 2018.

Fear is the thing you need too have attention. When you have the opportunity to make people scared, you know people gonna stick together. It’s a proven method from the past. People will do anything to get rid of  fear. Fear goes together with hate. So you have to create hate as well. The last thing you need is someone who knows the answers. A leader.  All this together created a space to get Donald Trump elected.  There is no way that it will hold up because of the facts. But: call everything Fake news, and you live in a world where distraction from reality will be normal. That said: I’m not normal, I’m Fuckt-up 

Now all I want to do is to give here this nice looking profile picture from Trix wearing my cyborg mask. Gold this time. She earned it.