The Story of Scott_C_Young

HerazThis is Scott

Meet Scott, if you didn’t already. Forget about the C_Young. Let’s call him Scott… for now.

Scott is a member of the Sailor family
The Sailor family
I placed him in the rang of front soldier, or even a captain.
Scott is very consistent. He is always around if you know where to look for him.

Looking for a way to get him fired up? Ask for his gun. When you want to see his tweets you have to be a follower. The message he is trying to spread are mostly not showing up. Because of the new rules, each tweet from Scott you have to find below the Show button. So you must be really a fan to see him often. But to be honest, it’s cute to see the passion he shows on Twitter. His love for guns, woman with guns, immigrants with guns, kids with guns and Trump, Donald Trump His sense of humor is sometimes strange, sometimes funny, but mostly offensive.

HerazWhat Scott is doing?

So let’s have a closer look at Scott. Where did we cross or way, collided, or even worse  drink a beer together? We never did.  Because of the mailman-ban trick he already banned me before we could hug.

No, for this kind of rumble in the Sailor café  Scott has two brothers.

Not really, more two extra personality’s. They come by the name of Humpy & Jack. Damn, that’s a good titel for a bedtime story. Let’s do that and change the story to Scott have to kids Humpy and Jack.

HerazThis is Jack

So this is Jack. He was born on December 22 2017. He is the youngest. He is the frustration kid. Born from a dad who was locked up in a deep hole.  His first tweet was to Jack, Twitter Jack, yep @Jack. He told that he want a Twitter that doesn’t discriminate against conservative accounts on the question “what do you want for Twitter in 2018”

Followed by his second tweet to Elon Musk  I hate Twitter. Therefore he has 3 accounts.

Jack goes by the name of @Fvck_U_Twatter. So he named himself after what he loves to do, like a lot of people do. Friends call him FJ, or Scott, uh Jack.
Humpy is born 13 days before Jack. But the warrior painting on the face was from the other side. Humpy was born a spy. Because Scott got banned.

HerazAnd this is Humpy

yep welcome to the world. What is wrong Humpy, where is Scott?

So his first son is called after his dad Scott: @BOHICAScott  Where BOHICA stands for: Bend over! Here it comes again. and Scott for Scott. I think. So Humpy is a spy account. He can follow the enemy because he looks different. The biggest enemy’s from Jack & Scott will get a visit from Humpy. So he can inform them and, if necessary, the whole
Sailor Café
Jack is just a spare for when he needs to get rough or, when @jack closed the window on Scott. It’s a rough world and FJ is needed often.

On June 2, 2018 Scott took Hump out his cage. He dumped Humpy. Time for something new. Meet Animal.