The Story of Nick24again

HerazSo this is Nick, also. Until now Nick always used his first name. By the time I’m writing this he goes by the name of  Lock em up @bigapplemaga

Nick comes from New-York. His age is about 24. Old buddy’s are @Scott_C_Young and @RIGGEDFORTRUMP. and don’t forget @MeirZarchi Nick and Scott go all the way. Bakken is a follower and Meir just having real fun. Nick makes himself useful by spreading the news, no not news, garbage. Does he get paid the spread the news for that crappy newspaper? Like the one from Tucker Carlson. It is always click-bait. Nick is only out there to trigger people. He plays the old wise republican. But I think he is more like a Gull. Flying around, shit everywhere and screaming with that big red mouth.


And people don’t like that. That’s why he need more then one account. So @allabutlernyc was his first account. Joined in March 2011, died may 2, 2018


born on jan 1, 2018. He’s a new-years baby.. He must have messed up de day before.

He died on feb 28, 2018 on a age of 2 months. By now the Gull must know he’s not liked at all. Could it be it is really his job?


When Nick left the funeral of Nick98492849, he put on his cap and there he was again: @allabutlernyc.
On april, 16 the people killed @allabutlernyc. Again he had the bring up a new account. This time it would be @Nick24again.
You can only be once in your lifetime 24, unless you have more lives.

This Nick is the Nick that slammed the door screaming Oh Yeah Tell me more. Let me check his ass out.
[of course we have back-up pictures for everything that gets deleted.]

No? Still not funny? He didn’t think it was funny. So the Gull shit on my timeline. I don’t like shit on my timeline, but shit from Nick… no problem, it will disappear together with his account. Nice detail: I never insulted him. He knows he looks stupid when I’m around. That’s why he don’t like me. And I’m fine with that. But for now:

let me go check his ass out.

HerazSo let’s go in detail:

Nick Live’s in New-York.

I did some research on Nick because of his behavior.  Nick is another person in the morning. The clock winds up the anger in Nick. The later it get’s, the more anger he shows.  He sleeps from 23:00 till 06:00. He eats behind his computer, and it is not coffee that keeps him awake.

When his first tweet hit the walls it wil take about 7 hours to see Nick start calling out. That could be an indication that nick is using alcohol or another nice medicine to cover his meaningless life. The Laura explosion did give it away. It was late, so Nick liked everything. Also the tweets from Laura. In the morning he corrected it and attacked Laura to cover-up his mistakes.

So this is what a day for Nick is.

    • Stand-up start re-tweet for friends
    • Answer threads from yesterday
    • surf
    • spread meme and fascist garbage
    • get drunk
    • attack
    • go to sleep.

(I missed 15 Accounts? No, not 15. I did give you the rabbit to escape.)

I love to give people a profile. It is easier to remember and it helps you when to go over his timeline. You know you can skip the first 7 hours. The drinking/drugs thing is just made-up to explain his anger. There is no evidence or whatsoever of it. 

For now I put this page on hold. Because of this:

Then he blocked me and put this on twitter:

Okay, lets play another game Nick, lets play another Nick game, Nickname.

Twitter Rules:


You may not impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations in a manner that is intended to or does mislead, confuse, or deceive others. While you may maintain parody, fan, commentary, or newsfeed accounts, you may not do so if the intent of the account is to engage in spamming or abusive behavior.

The rules are clear about it. Don’t create an account if the intent is spamming and abusive behavior. I maintain a newsfeed and a commentary account already so lets make a parody account. Or a fan account…… (oh please Roland, stick to the point)


What would be a good Nickname for Nick. Nick come’s from Nicolas. That is Saint Nicholas. He’s from Turkey. Dad told me he came from Spain. Every Dutch kid thinks he’s from Spain. That’s the first big lie every kid has to go trough in the Netherlands. The Dutch call him Sinterklaas or St Nicolaas. He comes from Spain to the Netherlands with his buddy Zwarte Piet (black Pete).

So bring it down to one conspiracy theory. Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet AKA Nick and Pete.

Trix is doing code…

Okay, So I have to play Zwarte Piet. I’m not that good at it. Something gives it away. It always does.

So I have to find something else. Let’s give the Gull a Parrot.

The Gull and the Parrot.

When you try to find this account it could be somebody else already.
You notice the name Bigapplemaga looks the same as BigappIemaga.
I just changed the l in a i. But as you can see on the screenshot, it looks great!

So first test it with some friends of nick. Let’s say hi…

As you can see the tweet is still there. But the avi has changed. I started comment on the time-line of my girlfriend Trix. Making fun of her posts. Give her some time to notice and the remove the tweet. Because she is quickly triggered AND because she uses a font on her phone for kids, the I did show up.  So SHTF. I didn’t do much with the account. Just waiting till Trix get triggered. And then from a not expected source there was some help. This is the what I hoped for. But Trix didn’t do it.

You know, if you put a picture online to ban someone, people have to type the name in. What do you read on this picture?
Most of the conversation is still online, but for me it was finished. From time to time he finds out that the parrot did some harm. He just can’t connect the pieces.

Even when he is collecting friends he run into blocked accounts.

Nick tried everything by now. It doesn’t effect me. Sometimes when you can’t see the difference you still can smell it.
Nick is jus a mail man. He is providing click-bait for a website. I’m not gonna put a link in here. But I can show you a picture so you know what I mean.

There are a lot of people just like Nick. I would show you some funny tweets from Nick, and that’s the sad part. Can’t find them.
He just took one wrong decision.

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