The Story of Longbowgun

@LongbowgunThis is Longbowgun.

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United States of America
Joined July 2009
  • Longbowgun is not a part of the Sailor family.
  • It looks like he’s from the left side.
  • He love’s to call out bots.
  • I noticed he has some nice friends who followd him…The little spy from the Sailor  Family is there. My personal big friend Humpy Dumpty.

I think he could be a nice spin-off from the Sailor Family. But he’s a lone wolf. Comes up, get aggressive, gets a ban, and so on..  That would be annoying. But… when I get bored…

Hunting season

LongbowgunLongbowgun went out hunting on April 26 2018. That day his first tweet came up. He was up-set.
Ron Root  post a reply on a old post from Longbowgun
He was so proud of this post… so he thoughts let’s make a meme !

From there on he got pissed. Longbowgun start posting around on all what is trending. Also Kanye West gets a visit.

To be honest, this one is funny, it sure is. Give him a like.

Then it’s time  to call out some bots. It took him 8 bots before he crashed into the mail-woman from the Sailor Family. Meet Krissy

This post is from 2:05 PM (on my clock ) He goes after Krissy and respond on a post on Krissy‘s timeline from 1:55 AM.

Longbowgun visits the Sailor Family Cafe

LongbowgunAt 2:06 PM  he walks into the the Sailor Family Cafe.
Behind the bar is Trixie She opened the cafe at  11:19 AM.

It was a slow day on April 25. Some family members just hanging out. A bit of fun here, some nice words there. Nothing special. Even a bit boring.

Rachel noticed that it is very quiet in the cafe. Trixie explains what is going on. Not good enough for Rachel . Where is the chief?

That day RealCpo came in early. He is trying to keep low profile. He is sitting in the kitchen.  When his name is filling the room he stands up a walks straight into the cafe.

There is a problem and they all know it. Toasted still not back. CPO low profile. So lets make some fun.

No problem for David and  Krissy  But Scott, he wants to see some discipline.  To late.
The fun goes on and on. Then Krissy  leaves to do some delivery. Other mailman are in a struggle with  Longbowgun . She hops in and out and then SHTF.

When Longbowgun drops a lot of shit in the cafe everybody get up-set. It’s that water on a troll feeling I guess. Scott goes into the toilet. Ta Ta TAAAaaa Welcome back Jack

So, don’t run in a cafe owned by the Sailor Family.  When you look at the cafe it has a lot of rooms. But the room for discussion is closed. Another problem is the mailman, wel woman. The news she is spreading is not the 9 o’clock news. The family has 2 news members, and I don’t count the propaganda man (see family tree). Pointing out other news is useless, because of fake-news. And this is the nice way to write it. I guess tunnelview is what we looking at.


So Longbowgun gets a ban and disappears.

He’s taking a big breath, and will come back, somewhere.