The Sailor Café


April 23 -and then Jack left me-

Just when I thought we were getting along, it stops.
Scott was done, Humpty wrong and Jack was gone. He did make his last insult and hit the road. So I closed the door without saying goodbye.

Read the Story of  Scott to know who Jack is.

April 27 -the Sailor café-

Day’s later I found Jack in a Bar. His big mouth was filling the room. Coffee and bacon on toast.
Krissy served some coffee. The mailwoman loves to flirt with Jack. You can feel the electric sparks from Bot to Bot.

On the other side of the bar I noticed Twix

Read the Story of  Trixie to know who Twix is.

Twix was back. Twix is a little bit strange. She humps around like she is the Queen of the gang. Did I say already that she is a bit strange?  I took a chair, put it in the corner of the cafe just to have a good look at the café and I wondered what she was hating today.

And now she served Toast a coffee. Toast lives on the corners of the internet. Most of the time I looked for him, he was not able to tweet. They put a blanket over his cage so it will stop tweeting. We never crossed each other, still he banned me because of a postman-attack. So he was doing some research on his own. For more then a week the blanket was on. His second account, a little whisper Bird flew into the café from time to time. For now he’s okay, don’t start asking questions…


April 28 -Longbowgun-

So Jack went outside to find a new victim. He felt useless if nobody was picking and screaming at him. When he left me, he also left the last one who give him a change to show his rudeness.

But with friends like Jack you don’t have to wait long. A new buddy came along.

This time it is Longbowgun  He looks creepy and is very aggressive. Jack will be a good friend…

So at first Jack thought I was Longbowgun.
Okay, I’m good at it, but I can’t fake a complete timeline inclusief a Facebookpage. [no, no link, I respect your privacy]

But who is longbowgun? Where did he come from. Find the answers here:



April 30 -Trix get Toasted-

I know, it’s a valid question. But I ask myself… That is the difference, I ask myself. Start asking questions.

You See what happend. Don’t ask questions. Before you know it, like always, SHTF


That went well. This is pointing out the problem they have. Discussion is something that goes both ways. It’s not the loudest but the smartest voice that is telling the truth.

When I left the cafe it died behind me. That night the lights turned of. Now it’s a empty place. Sometime a dove fly’s by. A few words, a picture, a good morning America. Toast was gone. and he didn’t leave alone.

Whatever. He will be fine. But Trix, Trix lost her family. 2 days long she tried to keep it up. Sometimes Sailor came along, drunk, gambling doing nothing. So she went back to Ana. to start the game:

You look upset – are you crying?