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What I do on Twitter | July 9, 2018

A Different View

Like you, like me, follow me, follow you. Twitter is simple, just so easy to use and it can be full of surprises. If you want the latest news from […]

And then it hits... | June 13, 2018

Dexter & Jack

Dit is Dexter Dexter is een oude politie hond. Hij is nu 10 jaar oud. Hij werkte 8 jaar lang voor de douane op het vliegveld. Dexter is een speurhond […]

And then it hits... | May 23, 2018

Side-Update and Storytelling

Working on another story Today I worked a little bit on the story of Scott. However, the story line of the Sailor Café starts in the middle of the story, […]

What I do on Twitter | May 8, 2018

Scott found Humpy’s Phone

Meanwhile, in the Counterpart parallel universe; pic.twitter.com/v7a4DURZYM — Scot Young (@Scott_C_Young) May 4, 2018 For a long time I just wandered if my friend Humpy has a double identity.  Our […]