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When you get bored, you go to Twitter.
See if we can make some story’s.

And then it hits... | May 23, 2018

Side-Update and Storytelling

Working on another story Today I worked a little bit on the story of Scott. However, the story line of the Sailor Café starts in the middle of the story, […]

What I do on Twitter | May 11, 2018

The Mad Trump Hater

J.C. is not going to serve that. But I like the way you communicate with Him ☕🙏 — 🎶Roland🎶 (@Heraznl) April 27, 2018  The Mad Trump Hater did ask for Coffee. […]

What I do on Twitter | May 8, 2018

Scott found Humpy’s Phone

Meanwhile, in the Counterpart parallel universe; — Scot Young (@Scott_C_Young) May 4, 2018 For a long time I just wandered if my friend Humpy has a double identity.  Our […]

What I do on Twitter | May 5, 2018

The Story of the Sailor Café

It started somewhere in April 2018. I was following “The Don” Trump. So I was sniffing around in all the tweets replying to Donald Trump. I can be funny sometimes […]