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Showing my Olympus OM-D pictures.
But a good I-Phone pic will do 2

Let's take a picture | May 19, 2018

My Instagram Pictures

For my quick pictures from my iPhone, I use Instagram… sometimes… less then that.

Let's take a picture | May 16, 2018

Sail trip to Greece

I went to Greece early May 2018. I took a plain from Brussels to Rhodos in Greece. From there we sailed from Rhodos to Simi. The we enjoyed the waters […]

Let's take a picture | May 11, 2018

Step into the Arena

For now the pictures here are from Eindhoven. Step into the arena will be here in a very short time. I will update the pictures then. Stay tuned! 📸

Let's take a picture | May 4, 2018

My Photo Album

This album will fill up by the time. The pictures show up by date taken. So come back soon…