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Like you, like me, follow me, follow you.

Twitter is simple, just so easy to use and it can be full of surprises.
If you want the latest news from all over the world, twitter is the toy to play with.

The formula was easy. If you have something interesting to share you put it on Twitter. If you want to read something interesting you read it on twitter. When you think the source has some meaningful things to say, I don’t want to miss anything he is throwing at us. you can “Follow” him. Let’s be honest, it could be called ” “Stalking” as well. What is the easiest way to read what you want to read? Wel, there are newspapers on Twitter. As they always did, collecting news, and put it online. When you follow them, all the news will show-up on your time-line, your one graffiti wall.

Then there is a way of saying I like your tweet on twitter. It is called “like” or in Dutch “vind ik leuk”. There is also a way to let people know you totally agree, my followers should know this too, that’s called a reply. Strange enough there is no Dislike button. So when you don’t agree you have to take the time to tell him with a reply, or if you think he or she is out of control you can even retweet with a comment so your followers will know that you don’t agree. Then we left with one option, a DM. A direct message you can say whatever you like without the whole Twitter community knowing it, and the one you talking too has to agree that you talk to him. For the general discussion Twitter use the hashtag #. You can use the hashtag to say something to everybody interested in one specific subject without getting personal. It was a small step to promoot the Hash from programming in C, to the Hash in communication. It both marks special keywords. The real use of the hashtag you will see by the opinion makers.

Why I’m telling this?
Because this was the formula.

But trough the years the buttons did get a whole new meaning. It’s about showing your tag. Like a gang thing. You have to belong. But I don’t belong on Twitter. I’m the “If you want to read something interesting you read it on twitter” kind of guy. I don’t have anything to tell, sell or promote. I don’t need followers just because off it. When you follow me, I don’t follow you back automatically, if I think you are in the same position as me. When the most interesting things you put on Twitter is from somebody else, I will follow somebody else. If I have three followers with exact the same interest, following one would be enough. Otherwise my graffiti wall will filled with all the same paintings. And I love diversity, and I like other opinions and I like readability. I read and follow the newspapers but not the mailman delivering it. That’s noting personal, I like the mailman, but that’s it. But if the mailman has a strong and unique opinion, I will follow that mailman to.

I checked the people\organisations I follow. More then 90% have a . I follow a lot of news channels from just around the corner too all different parts of the world. And then there are some I follow because of their are fun, different or will tweet things as first, because their the news but just not famous enough.

When I go around Twitter I don’t make friends that much. Why? Because I wan’t you to know I don’t like or I disagree with your tweet. If I really liked it I could push the button, but I have to reply to let you know. You showed your opinion, and I gave mine, or I gave some fact that could be handsome in the conversation or give you something to consider. No, that’s not how it works anymore. You like it, you retweet it, you reply with a thumps up, or you shut-up! By the way, who are you with your 10 followers. Your opinion doesn’t care anyone!. Wrong, I care.

Jesus had 12 and concord the world. Petrus, a mailman, has billions! Just kidding.
Because you only have to reply if you disagree, that makes you a troll. I think the system makes me a troll. Give us a dislike button. Also for the algorithm it would make sense.

Scott again

HerazThis looks a easy explanation of the differences I have when I crawl the Twitter wall. I thought I could never explain it to someone before I met Scott again.

It was Tuesday June 19,when I run into the story of  “robbed by her pimp” [insert link here to story/picture/*] In the middle of the story Scott entered the waiting room. I didn’t meet Scott for 4 days. The last time we met we had a long chat by the campfire. That was a strange night. The birds stopt tweeting, it was completely quiet in the forest. The Gul, the flies… noting,  **crickets**. But when the last flame lightens the night and we said goodbye the forest came alive. They build a new cafe, with barricaded windows, dimmed lights, and dead people serving the customers. But there was one thing Scott forgot. The big red Neon sign on the roof. The whole world could find it in a blink. I could smell the beer, bacon and gunpowder from miles. [insert link here to story/picture/*]

This is the way to enter a room for Scott. Outside a few customers push there nose against the window to watch the conversation. Even Trixie followed Scott to the brothel. She peeked behind the corner praying for disaster. But I was talking to Dominick. When I’m talking to you I know who you are. I knew Dom. Dom was a fly. And i knew, Dom would do something stupid someday.

So now there is Stupid and there is Scott. I was there for stupid, but Scott was the for me. First things first. Stupid tells Scott he reported the tweet so Scott tells stupid polite to leave the room.

At first I thought to give him a good reason why he better could step down, leave the brothel and take stupid with him. I used his comment to turn on the neon sign on the brothel.

He’s now in my face. I don’t like that. I don’t like the smell of beacon when I’m not hungry. But most of all, I hate it when I’m not understood or even worse, when you twist my answers. This is not about MAGA. Let’s wake ‘m up and use the same tactic he is trying. Twist it. The bubbles picture is a way of saying, I’m not angry, take my advise and leave.

It was false hope. I know Scott. Scott will never give up. Scott will never let his friends down. So he grab’s back to the tweet he did about obsession.

Still there is room to leave the conversation. Yeah, to leave the room actually. Stupid left the room already, and the brothel keeper was running in and out afraid for her business.
I could feel the warmth of her personality. It start freezing. So Scott turned on the heat.

So there it is. I tell him like it is. And I give him the bubbles again, in front of his friends. I mean Trix was still there. But she let him sweat. She covers behind a block wood. Together with the owner of the establishment. Ice flowers appear on the windows. Banjo music is slowly filling the room. Scott gives it a last shot to make the outcome positief.

You see… I try to explain the whole story above about Like you, like me, follow me, follow you in one tweet. And then Scott surprised me. He had to think about it, but he got it. At once. Or is it sarcasm?

He figured out that I don’t automatically like every tweet. That if I like a tweet, you know why I like a tweet. He figured out that I was trying to play it by the book. He placed the word parody account to his parody account.

The aftermath

10 days later he tweeted about a murder case in Germany. I was surprised about the way he was using this for his crusade against gun control. I knew the story already and I thought the fact where misused. I understood the meaning of the tweet, but I just didn’t approve the usage of the word “just”. So I gave it a shot.

He didn’t get offended by it. He even opened his reply with I agree, … and then resumed to explain what in his opinion went wrong. I thought that was a nice answer on a criticizing tweet. From there everybody could take it over. I knew he understood the meaning of my tweet. But he was even open for discussion. So after 15 minutes he replied again, making a statement

Going a bit of topic I tell the problem in a nutshell. What was happening in the last years? This is what I noticed.

Now Scott explained to me how the system works. And yes, also Scott know it has some flaws.

I’m not an American. I don’t have a vote over there. That doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion. I do, and Twitter thinks that’s offensive. Give me a unlike button or let me discuss my differences with the world.

And Scott? Scott is doing his thing again. We still don’t agree on many things, but you have to celebrate that you live in a country where it is still possible to say it. That’s where we both believe in.

That night I left the brothel. To much drama over there. To many people get hurt. They shot the pianoman as well.

The Sheriff closed it down. Now it’s members only. Not for everything. You can say you like the interieur. The “thank you” is for free. but after the first Hahahaha you gonna pay.

Back to the blog.

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