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Leaving the warzone



Leaving the warzone

Today is the first day that I will leave the war. The war on Twitter. It’s been a interesting experience. But as seen on twitter:

Well, I’m not exactly MAGA, but I was getting out of control for sure. I still have 4 unpublished story’s, related to the Sailor cafe, just in need of some graphics to be published, but I’m not in the mood creating something new right now.  The sun is shining, it’s hot, and a place behind my computer is not an option. The airco is just making to much noise to let me know, get out of here, go outside, enjoy the sun.

HerazSo that’s what I’m going to do.
But first I had to fix something. This morning I checked my account, and it’s pretty out of sight. So, it’s broken. I use to check my account on a remote server. This computer is never used for twitter, so opening the Twitter search page and entering my name, you find out what the world can see from your account. It’s a Dutch computer but you now what it means.

HerazI know it’s a block-list thing and it’s not the first time a “Mailman” (or woman) hit me. No problem with that. Trying to hack my account is a different thing. It’s not gonna effect me but you could get in serious problems. That said, there is no use to hack it. If I loose my account I know someone who will sell me a new one for the right price. Just kidding. I will start a new one if necessary.

Closing account.

HerazYesterday my account was closed when I tried to check in. Did the robot test, and verified my account again. No problem so far. But you know your account is under investigation. Twitter about visibility.

Accounts under investigation or which have been detected as sharing content in violation of these Rules may have their account or Tweet visibility limited in various parts of Twitter, including search. To learn more about situations in which content may be restricted on Twitter, please see our support article on search rules and restrictions.

So for now there is no reason to be on twitter with my @heraznl account. My business account is not an option as well. I keep that one lean and clean. Leaving this warzone to start a brand new graffiti wall. Time to make fun instead of war. Coming real soon…


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