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Interrogation To The Max



Investigation tactics

When you bring in more then one suspect, you separate them from the start. You make the suspects feel comfortable and then let them wait for a few hours. Let the suspects have no contact at all.

When the interrogation starts the suspect will be told that it will be over soon. We already spoke to your friend and then you start blaming him for everything. That’s what his friend told us. You only have to confess.

But this is different. This is Twitter. You can’t lock em up, and the suspects can talk to each other without you knowing it.
So we needed another plan. In this case we looked for the weakest link in the chain. Meet Max.

We know that Russianstar2 (let’s call her Dolly) is actually a fake account from somebody else. So we set-up a alarm for when Max en Dolly both are online and start a clean thread where you mention both. Now let’s tell Max he is Dolly.

A normal reaction would be a big denial. But she is around, and it feels like calling her out. He slowly wet his pants and try to give the conversation a funny twist. His smileys are gone, he turns dead serious when we continue.


He’s heated up now, so we try to be nice, give him a change to explain he’s not Dolly. It’s easy. Tell us who Dolly is. You know it, and we know it that you know it. You know?

Now Dolly starts jumping around trying to distract me and let Max know she’s here. Don’t you dare…

Let’s try it the rude way. Impressive! I know so much dangerous words Max. I have the best words.😄
We know Max, but we are on a different mission. Let’s pump up the heat.

Now it’s Dolly’s turn again. But the best way to piss off Dolly is to totally ignore her. Now she feels insecure, because she feels she is loosing Max if the humiliation goes on. Max is on the point of snapping. So she tries the stop the conversation to tell Max she muted me. But I was not talking to her. I’m here for Max.

Max took a fast look at my account and find out that I’m from the Netherlands. Amused about his mention of the health system, and rolling on floor when he tried to impress me with a word he found on Wikipedia tetrahydrocannabinoids. Great stuff.

Dolly is going crazy. She is left out and needs attention.

Still talking to Max, Dolly retweets Max. Just wait for it. Max retweet Dolly. Poke the fire.


Of course I did some research before we started the tread. You have to be prepared. That’s why we knew he was the weak link. And he is easy to trigger. Max loves to play a DJ. You can take his car, his mother, his boyfriend but his radioshow, don’t you dare.

So I found out he closed his patron site. Nobody disappointed, he had no patrons. Noting to copy, so we looked at YouTube. It was to much. Just kidding. Enough to keep the fire burning.

It took some time to find the screenshot and to prepare the tweet. So Dolly kicked in again, restless, to make a big smile to the Hillary tweet. I responded in between to keep the heat on. You find it under: “Stop you killing me”

Line 1A


Get the firehouse. Max gonna loose it. From here on he has to proof my post is bogus. It’s bad for his show. let’s go back to impress again. Let’s tell the world how much listeners the show has.

One week later it has 1 like. Mine. Go-ahead let him know you love him. He’s hurt. Give him a like, on this tweet.


Like I mentioned in the story of Trixie this is the honey for the bees. But the flees left him. He’s alone. With me. Now give him his first little push.

Now look at this Tweet about the water in Eindhoven. Let me tell you a little secret. In the Netherlands the quality of the water is so good that you don’t have to buy bottle’s of water. You can drink it straight out the water tap. The same water goes also trough our toilets to clean it. I’ve been in Vegas several times. Are you sure you want to talk about water? This is Max. He has a radioshow.

Now a final push…


He lost it. A total collapse. How i’m gonna tell him I’m not Dolly, I’m smart, I do radioshows. Stop calling me stupid.

The word “funny” is to cover the truth up. What he want to say is: really, thing’s aren’t so. But dolly is still around. Let’s take away the word funny.

 **crickets** But he is brave, you have to give him that. (or scared, real scared for Dolly)

Stop you killing me

Because I pretend that Dolly is Max this was blowing the sails. But it also get out of hand. You have to keep up. trying trying…


Then he display’s his investigation level again. I drive a motorbike. Wow, nice catch. So no I have to play nice to make Dolly uncomfortable. She reply’s to the same tweet. But I’m still ignoring her. She’s gonna explode.


So I answer her tweet, but start talking to Max. He’s crying. Collecting proof his radioshow is a hit. And Dolly? Still ignoring Dolly..

Max has left the building. he didn’t call out Dolly. Other people did already, but still, Max protect Dolly… for his radioshow.

So I have to be honest. I did listening to one radioshow. I told Max. I didn’t finish it. It was boring, not entertaining and it gives you the feel you sitting in classroom where the teacher left. The sound is bad from time to time. Misplacing the microphones. I know a lot of microfoons. You have several years of skill to earn before you can even fantasize about being on my level Max. Doe maar normaal.

Just kidding Max, take care, find a job instead of playing with dolls.

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