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Twitter is like Graffiti.



HerazIt’s like Graffiti.

It started on a sunny day. But then a cloud appeared. Slowly it started to rain.

For months I studied the Sailor Family From day to day you see people getting banned, suspended or silenced. Sometimes it’s obvious, but sometimes it’s not clear what is going on. Why he or she gets a black blanket over everything they Tweet. You can’t hear them, you can’t see them or you have to go to the timeline and look under the blanket on the Tweets & Reply’s. A month ago I cleaned-up my timeline…

To have a open discussion it’s better not be marked by anything. People often judge to soon. Trying to give you a sticker, a mark. You have to belong to something or anything. When you reply, people mostly feel being attacked, other then to be challenged to think about what they wrote on the Twitter-wall. It’s free, so you can write whatever you like.

But there are rules. It’s like graffiti.

Let me try to explain, we can take a walk, you can even hold my hand when you’re afraid.

HerazTake a Walk.

On a sunny day it’s always nice to take a walk and visit a Graffiti scene. When you walk by you notice all the different paintings and slogans from different people, from different places. But the Twitter-Graffiti wall is special. You can choose who paint your wall. When you like red, you choose the artists who paint in red. When you love guns, you choose artists that make beautiful paintings and slogans about guns. When you love cats, you… you have to find another hobby, cats is off-limits. Oh, you really love cats? Your lucky. You know Instagram? 80% of Instagram is cats. So I watch some paintings, make some reply’s, put out some strong opinions and then a dark cloud appeared.

Follow me, I show you the painting I found today on the wall made bij CNN. Slow down, I don’t ask you to believe it, I ask you to read it. Go ahead, I explain later.

Still here? okay, well, I’m Dutch. From the Netherlands. When this happend the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Netherlands held this UN speech in New-York. Like always, he tried to speak English, but showed he was Dutch telling the whole world to shut-up and bring back home all “victims” as soon as possible. And show some, no not some, show respect for people who died in a war that was not theirs.

Do your own investigation on Youtube and look for MH17. See the grief of a country. And then come back and watch the painting on the wall from CNN again. It’s a dark painting, but at least now we know what the painting is telling us. Like when you see a graffiti artist start a new painting it takes a while before you notice what he is creating. When you stand to close to the painting you only see a small part. You have to take a step back to understand the meaning of his painting.

HerazAnother Artist.

Here, have a seat, and see what happend. Now you have that wall with a painting you like. That painting will last forever. But the artist knows, someday there will be somebody spray another colour over it, or a tag from his favorite sport team. But for now it’s great.

Now read this wartag about the dark painting above, and tell me,can you understand my reaction on his opinion about another painting, another artist, about something that’s on every wall in the neighborhood.

Damn, It feels like this, if you know what I mean.

Okay, He doesn’t feel attacked, but he play’s the you’re stupid card, and give me a RED mark saying -SAD!. That’s how stupid I am.

You see, I know he is allowed to run around and spray some blue tags wherever he wants. It’s a Twitter-wall. But just have that artists feeling if your painting is gonna fit or destroy the artwork. Did we talk about respect already?

HerazNow it gets funny.

He did read my reply. And now a Twitter trick to look good. Hold your seat.

He wrote a reply and give mine a like. Well that’s nice, so I start writing a replay on this tweet:

I did put some effort in it, and as you can see, English is not my best language, and I wanted to be sure it looked nice and friendly. Twitter didn’t make a notice of his reply. So it took some time before I answered. And then when I push the send button… Nothing happened. He already banned me. So for his blue army it looks like he shut me down. Making a sarcastic like on my graffiti.

And now, on the timeline of the dark painting his blue flag is waving in the wind. It says 2 reply’s, 10 likes and 1 retweet. When you click on it it shows 1 reply, this one:

So there is the black blanket for me. I’m offensive. Sure. But then I think about the Sailor cafe
Is this the offensive level that’s allowed for people wearing red colors? Did I showed up to red?


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