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Working on another story

Today I worked a little bit on the story of Scott.

However, the story line of the Sailor Café starts in the middle of the story, I thought it was a good idea to show you who is who. The story-line will  improve by the time and the story wil spread over more people. I have material from the last 5 moth’s, but I try to get only the best out of it.

In short that will mean that the story-line will be longer and longer, and the spin-offs from the story-line I will post by te time.

Also, I’m still not that happy with the layout. When I post on the road it must be easy to keep it smooth. So i’m writing template’s for automation and I make some picture processing batch, to keep the site nice and clean. So don’t be scared when the homepage is making flip/flops sometimes. It is all in the works.

HerazThe last thing that keep me busy an kept me from more posting is the menu structure on a mobile device. Tablet and desktop are cool, Mobile device still have some problems. On the desktop in the Blog section it looks silly on a ultra-wide monitor. That need some tuning to.

At last, the comment section is almost ready. Not sure yet for who it will be open, thinking about that to.. for now if you have an opinion that you want to share… I’m on twitter, but don’t make a mess.

I decided to put in a little Opinion pic. I’m gonna use that when I give my opinion on something. It is always open for discussion. Remember, we are not all the same, but we share one planet.

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