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The Mad Trump Hater



 The Mad Trump Hater did ask for Coffee. But it looks like he took some Red Bull.

But I was here for a reason. Just to check if my tweets would show up….and they don’t. I’m still banned for posting. My tweets wil doom the world.

 The Mad Trump Hater still going strong. Happy? No, not happy.


24/7 Suicide Hotline

Talk to someone. Trust me.


So grateful for the many supporters and friends who shared our video. It's time for more working people in office and a government that's reflective of our society.

Together let’s change the face of Congress and flip the House this November. Are you with me?

I can't believe what I read here. It's gone on too long. Bring 'em home if you're not willing to support our troops 300 percent!! Get the hell out. https://t.co/WaiSb3FeNY

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