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The Mad Trump Hater



 The Mad Trump Hater did ask for Coffee. But it looks like he took some Red Bull.

But I was here for a reason. Just to check if my tweets would show up….and they don’t. I’m still banned for posting. My tweets wil doom the world.

 The Mad Trump Hater still going strong. Happy? No, not happy.

Only a "stable genius" could figure out how to get cornered in an Oval Office.

Way to go Donald!

This tragedy represents the worst possible outcome when children are held in inhumane conditions.

We call for a rigorous investigation into how this tragedy happened and serious reforms to prevent future deaths. https://t.co/lTuwwmC3RI

My God.

Shame on our country and shame on Donald Trump.

A 7 year old girl was taken into custody by US Border Patrol and died of "dehydration and shock."

These aren't thugs & criminals. They are people desperate for safe harbor.

This is a grave sin.


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