What I do on Twitter

The Story of the Sailor Café



HerazIt started somewhere in April 2018. I was following “The Don” Trump.
So I was sniffing around in all the tweets replying to Donald Trump.
I can be funny sometimes and it can be rude.
There is always something going on there. This day it went wrong. I took a turn to the right.

The wrong turn

But a right turn is a wrong turn. Before I knew it, I was swallowed by the Sailor gang. It took me a few days before i knew them all.
I did ask them politely to remove the tweets where I was involved, because I don’t like my name on a weird timeline.
But as it still is out there, let’s make use of it. That can be fun.
I went on a little investigation. And still the work is in progress. I will update the story in a while. For now I show you the story so far… in: